When can I start swimming with my baby?

Babies can swim from birth as long as his/her cord has healed and both mother and baby have had their six week check. You no longer have to wait until babies have had their first set of immunisations, but you should discuss any concerns with your GP or Health Visitor or visit the NHS website.

Do I have to put my baby underwater?

No, we understand that not all parents feel comfortable about putting their baby underwater. At Funky Fish we hope that by showing you gentle submersion techniques that both you and your baby will become confident with the idea of submersion and will eventually try the underwater experience when you are both ready.

What should my baby wear?

Babies should wear a double layer system i.e. We find the Splashabout Happy Nappies are great or indeed the Konfidence Reusuable swim Nappy.  Both can be used with a nappy liner. A wetsuit is also optional and can be worn with a disposable nappy. Please see the Funky Shop for more information.

When can I feed my baby?

It is advisable that you feed your baby at least 1 hour before swimming. A small milk or breast feed can be given up to class time, however a full stomach is not recommended. Should your small baby become very hungry during class you may get out and breast feed pool side (a small top up) and return. Babies are usually hungry after class and will feed again.

Can both parents attend classes?

This is usually not a problem, but please let us know if you both intend to be in the water.


All pools are heated to a minimum of 30 degrees and regularly maintained.

Cost of lessons

Please contact us for further information regarding cost.

Pools in Ingworth, Norwich, NR11, Ludham NR29.